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Some Unique Success Stories from Priya Shah's 30 years Matrimonial Service...

Success Story # 1 – Vidhi and Shail Shah


I still remember the time when I had met Priya Shah for prospective partners.

She persuaded my confused mind to the final destination. I had a confused and indecisive mindfulness, to such an extent that i almost got married but cancelled at the last minute due to indecisiveness, we had published our marriage cards as well.

However she took it patiently and helped us resolve the insecurities and confusion and again after six months we got hitched. She indeed said that in her whole experience as a matchmaker she had an exceptional case like us that broke and patched up again only to be forever.

Now in June will be our 10th anniversary and enjoying our blissful marriage with two beautiful daughters Arinaa and Tia.

Thank you Priya, You made an extra approach which is very rare to find.

Sincerely appreciate all of the time and investment you've put in to help me find my person - and I love the approach you're taking to help people to get to know romantic prospective on a deeper level than any other dating platforms out there!

Thank you for your efforts. You have been a wonderful matchmaker and truly found a match for me with great potential.

Thanks and regards

Love vidhi shail shah

Success Story # 2 – Bhavesh and Sejal

This couple got married in 1999. Today they complete 21 years of marriage life. Bhavesh & Sejal have two children & is a very happy well knit family together. Bhavesh & Sejal met at one of my match making get together at TajMahal hotel and it was love at first sight for them.They clicked together from one day & after few days of court shipthey got engaged. In this pic I celebrate my 15 years of marriage bureau and that time it was their 5th wedding anniversary. So I invited both of them to celebrate together. This couple is now a very happy family from last 21 years. On my 30th year in this professionI am very happy to share that they are one of the few couples who fell in love at first sight through our matrimonial service and are a very happy couple today ❤❤theirs is a different story how they met, fell in love at first sight and today they are together forever…

Success Story # 3 - Abhishek & Himani

This boy hailed from USA and belongs to a well to do family. They came to India and met me in the year 1993. He looks charming, is well educated and is dynamic. So, I showed him ten beautiful girls from Mumbai's Guajarati families. But, he rejected all of them. I was quite surprised as to why he rejected all of them. I asked him why he did so, he replied, he likes lentil, rice, sabzi, roti etc., and not Pizza's and Burger's (laughs!). I laughed at his witty humour and understood the type of girl, he wished to marry. I showed him a girl from a Mumbai based renowned family. At that time the girl didn’t wish to go to USA, but I, had a strong intuition that the two were a match made in heaven. I convinced the girl's parents to first match their horoscopes and she would then fix a meeting, to which they agreed. Today, they are a tailor-made happily married couple for the past 26 years. They have two beautiful daughters and they again came to me after a long time span of 26 years to arrange for their daughters' marriage.

Success Story # 4

This couple just got engaged yesterday - Corona couple I can say """hahahaha"". This copule hails from India's top 10 families but can't disclose their name as it's confidential. So as per my protocol here I’m going to tell story how they met. Both families are my clients and we share a very good relationship from last so many years. Boy is settled in USA & the girl wanted to get hitched in Mumbai only. But somehow my intuition which as always was very strong that I felt both family members have so similar life style, culture etc n joint family too... so I just suggested the girls family to have a talk with the boy’s parents once if u like then go head otherwise end on a good note. Here again my intuition worked & both the family’s gelled together. N today the girl is happily ready to get settled in USA. I just told one thing to the girl - any husband in this world should be loving & caring and since you like him as well then you'll can stay together anywhere in this world even if it is some far lorn island "hahaha". Her destiny took her to USA which God had already planned as I only do for what my soul says through God's message....

Success Story # 5 Mosami's and Kunal's story

Hello! this is Mosami's and Kunal's story.They got married 15 years ago and are leading a happy life with their two kids and in laws,in a huge bunglow at Juhu.

Kunal stays at Juhu and belongs to a well known family. His mother wanted to review the girls living between South Mumbai and Juhu. While Mosami hails from a small town called Nipani near Pune. I told Kunal's mother to first review 100 girls residing between South Mumbai and Juhu and then see this small town girl. I was quite confident that Mosami was a perfect match for Kunal and told his mother the same. She believed in me but before that she wanted to see all the girls belonging to South Mumbai for her own contentment. And ultimately they chose Mosami as Kunal's life partner and today Kunal & Mosmi are living a Happy Married life. Only Priya Shah - The Match Maker can arrange a marriage like this . ❤️❤️

Massage from Priya Shah Match Maker

hiii guys at Priya's Matrimonial Service we not only connect groom n brides to be happy but we create one happy family. And after years of the Happy Matrimonial bond we create one new generation to be happy from their parents who got married through us. By this route I have always tried to give back to the society nice happpy humanitarian values...


Priya shah happpy family ❤️❤️❤️

Priya Shah Happy family 30 years marriage life celebration ❤️❤️

Deepak Shah & Priya Shah - together have curated lots of marriages on this earth...

*More than 9000 couples have got married through us but due many well known families involved with respect to their privacy & confidentiality we have just shared 5 unique success stories.

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